Is The Mintlyfe Patch Legit?

Is The Mintlyfe Patch Legit?

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If you’ve visited Facebook recently, you may have seen an ad for Mintlyfe Patch. Abdomen-sized peppermint extract uses the conductivity of sophorosides and transdermal technology to promote weight loss and fat removal. Each patch contains a cocktail of 56 ingredients, including mint, Korean ginseng and capsaicin. These ingredients are considered to be the key to quickly and safely eliminating fat accumulation and cellulite in the “soft” area. A big promise was made, so I decided to test …

4.8 million views from a company I’ve never heard of:

I quickly found Mysticform LLC, the company behind Facebook’s viral campaign. Korean manufacturer of health care products, registered in California and registered with Dr. E. Kojima. After a quick search, I can find articles about the company, its owners and its website. They are real, they have received rave reviews, but the only way to really know is to use it.

Purchase time:

I ordered 60 patches, 20 of which are for friends and family because they have a big volume discount. Delivery is fast. The box is big for the size of the patch, but I really wanted to try it out, so I opened it in seconds.

Actual use:

When I first wore them, I felt very nervous as they were smaller than the ones shown on their website. The size of each pad is approximately 10 inches and cannot cover the entire lower abdomen. The glue stick quickly compensated for this and I decided to go to work as usual. Dress carefully.

They recommend keeping it for about 6-8 hours, so I expect to start feeling the effect at noon. However, a slight burning sensation can be felt in less than 30 minutes. Not a pain, but comparable to Vicks Vaporub. I feel energetic, probably because it contains caffeine and capsaicin. I also choose not to have lunch. Things I almost never do.

Later that day, the burning sensation intensified. The whole process is equivalent to long-term aerobic exercise. It was very hot that day, so when it came time to remove the patch, I was sweating a lot. The glue stick means I will encounter a lot of resistance when removing. I recommend tearing it off slowly, just like when waxing.

6 week update:

After using the patch for six weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in belly fat. Even more impressive is that my life has lost a total of about an inch. Now I use these patches every other day and when I use them I feel more dynamic in my work.

Q-How do you use it?

I have seen the best results from applying the patch alternately for 6 to 8 hours a day (one day off). I didn’t encounter any problems during the mission, but that could mean sweat will build up faster on hot days.

Q-Will it disappear quickly?

Not at all, because it is made of water-based adhesive non-woven fabric. Consider how the patch will stick to the skin, then multiply the strength ten times to make it waterproof. This is my experience, it is very sticky, unless you want to reuse it.

D-Can you fall asleep?

While there is nothing to say that you cannot turn on the sleeping patch, I recommend that you wear it when you are awake. Activities not only help increase the fat-burning effect of the patch, but also help keep track of time.

Final considerations: overall score 9.4 / 10

Pros: I can definitely understand the hype surrounding it. Really effective, use all natural ingredients with care and attention. It is ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly and can withstand minor burns.

Not good for US customers only. It is not recommended to use it while sleeping. It can be annoying while running or in the gym.

Important update: During my research, I found many fakes of Mintlyfe WonderPatch. All products are listed at similar prices, but unsecured copies are shipped and sometimes not even shipped – this is a complaint I have seen on many forums. After asking their team, they confirmed that the only official link available for WonderPatch is the link below because they are not listed in the store or on Amazon.

Final note: I have revised my share of health products. Therefore, I think I have extensive experience in the shopping experience. However, I’m happy to say that while I have a few minor complaints about it, I can’t think of a compelling reason not to try.

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