Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Adaptive clothing for the elderly

As I work with seniors, families and caregivers, we ultimately have problems with clothing. Sometimes the problem is due to arthritic fingers that can no longer button, clip, tie or zip. Sometimes she has poor eyesight and is unable to put clothes together or see the colors of fabrics. Sometimes we have family members with dementia who take off their clothes as soon as someone helps them put them on or who just need simple closure styles. Family members often feel frustrated because they don’t know what to buy or where to shop. I have been using the Buck and Buck catalog for years to help families cope with these problems. I have shopped online for my family and have used their catalog many times when shopping for customers.

Buck and Buck clothing fits many common clothing situations for the elderly. Colors can be easily coordinated and many styles are available with an elastic waistband. You will find coordinated outfits that can make dressing up much easier for those who no longer know how to make choices. For those who are constantly stripping, they have one-piece suits that tie in the back. The clothing resists the facilities’ laundry services. They will also provide free name tags and hems on ordered garments. The telephone staff were very helpful and can help you figure out sizes and styles, just give them your measurements. If you live out of state, perhaps caregivers can measure for you. In one case, I requested velcro under the buttons and instead of the zippers, no problem! They have velcro shoes, special socks and shoes for those with very swollen feet. They also have a large assortment of fleece sweaters and outerwear that can be easily washed. You’ll find a huge assortment of underwear, pajamas and bathrobes – just about any piece of clothing you might need. Return policies were also easy to work with.

Sometimes, finding the right adaptive clothing is all it takes for a senior to dress or bathe independently. That feeling of being independent is such an important quality of life for our family and seniors. Next time you have a clothing request from the facility, health care workers, or a family member, check out Buck and Buck.

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