About Us

The Shared Web was created for one purpose: to provide solutions to common technical problems that most people cannot find answers to on the Internet. This website is owned and operated by Alexander Mina of the United Kingdom.

As a technology and gaming enthusiast, I know that many new gamers lack the necessary know-how on the latest technologies. That’s why I used all my knowledge and experience in this field to provide you with the most useful content without making it difficult for you to get the real answer.

Whether it’s graphics cards or processors, games or OTT devices, you’ll find the correct instructions on how to use these devices and fix common errors and issues with them.

I also write a few reviews on the products that I personally use. Each feature is carefully studied before writing a review. You’ll find the most in-depth content in my reviews that you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for solutions to Tech Problems? Come by The LetsColab and chances are you’ll find the solution right here.